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Frustrated by seeing people wasting their time, effort and money through misinformation, misconceptions and misinterpretation, we decided to find a way to help you avoid this and share our knowledge to help you succeed in whatever your passion is.

Kevin Hendriks
Kevin Hendriks
26 October 2020

Growing the right way

Kendrix helps you improve and grow your business, just like the best companies grow theirs. We provide insights, inspiration and the infrastructure for business growth that benefits all people involved.

We help you reach your full potential, develop business opportunities, perform better, scale up, develop and dominate. You're always growing, but it's you who decides whether you're growing in the wrong way or the right way.

Why we want to share

We often get the same questions when customers hear about new possibilities. We see that people have the wrong priorities and make the same mistakes over and over again.

We understand that everyone has to make mistakes in order to learn, but it's annoying to see great opportunities being wasted at crucial moments or slowing down a company's growth.

We hope that by sharing our knowledge, insights and inspiration, we can help you avoid some mistakes and help you make the right choices as your company grows.

What we like to share

To help you grow your business, we must of course continue to learn ourselves. Every time we receive useful information that can change your mind or directly contribute to the growth of your business, we'll write an article about it.

It will often be about topics that we've tested through and through and that have contributed to a better understanding of what we do or the growth of the business of our customers and other companies.

Strategy versus tactics

Maybe you've heard about 'shiny object syndrome'. It is perhaps one of the biggest causes why people don't get where they want to be. Don't get me wrong, I've suffered from it too (and still do sometimes), but once you get it, it's time to get rid of it once and for all.

The shiny object syndrome is the constant search for or attraction to new opportunities, new possibilities, new tools, new methods, new 'shiny objects' that look like you need them now to succeed.

It can sometimes produce some short-term results, but it can also keep you from doing what you really need to do to achieve your long-term goals. Companies are always trying to sell such new opportunities to you and I see people wasting their time, money and effort on them every time.

We want to help you develop the right strategy for your company to grow where you want to go and use the right tactics (short term actions) for immediate results, but only if these tactics contribute to your main strategy.

We write articles about growth hacks that other companies have used to grow fast, tools, other tactics and the right time to use them.

How does your mind work?

If you understand how your mind works, you understand not only why you make certain decisions, but also why your customers do so. I'm fascinated by the reasons behind all kinds of decisions, do a lot of research into them and would like to share my findings with you to help you sell more and make better choices.

We dive into heuristics, biases, positive and social psychology, neuroscience and much more, while trying to explain it in a simple and directly applicable way.

Capacity building

The state of your body and mind is one of the most important and determining factors in the level you can reach. An improvement in the four different aspects of capacity building (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual) will amaze you and as soon as you experience the difference, I am sure you will want to work more on it.

We help you to grow in a healthy way by sharing important health hacks, exercises that improve your abilities immediately and other information to build more capacity in the long term. Remember, the only way to grow your business is to develop yourself first. Make sure you can deal with what comes your way.

Methods, techniques, procedures and more

I've come across lots of courses, education and training that teach people how to be a social media expert, search engine master, conversion king, and so on. I always encourage people to learn more, but is this really what you need to learn to grow your business? If your ambition is to make one of these things your business, certainly!

Most of us just want new customers for our existing business. So why spend a lot of time and money becoming a marketing expert? If you get your driver's license, you can't drive yet, you'll learn it afterwards. The same goes for courses like this. Let's face it, besides your own work, you don't have time to learn how to become a top marketing expert.

I think that in this day and age it's really important to understand and know the possibilities available, not especially how they work. This way you can find out what it can mean for your company and hire the right person for the job, while understanding most of what he tells you.

The way we help you do this is by sharing our best practices, models, templates, scripts, ads and more, so you can try them out for yourself, without having to spend time figuring out what all the possibilities are and what works best for you.

Case studies and examples

Last but not least, we will share case studies and examples of clients who like to share their stories, our own tests and those of other known and less known companies. We have experienced that this really helps our clients to get a better understanding of the possibilities and we hope it will help you as well.

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