The only forgotten secret to building a winning landing page

This secret is not only the secret for a winning landing page, but also the secret for a winning funnel, a winning website, a winning advertising campaign, a winning brand and much more! At first I thought it wasn't really a secret at all, but then I found out that most of us don't do it or don't take the time to do it right: testing!

Kevin Hendriks
Kevin Hendriks
02 November 2020

A landing page is an indispensable tool to achieve your online goals. This article is a good introduction before you get started.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a page that is usually not part of your main website, designed to get your ideal customers to take a specific action. A landing page is often part of a series of landing pages that together form a funnel. The most common purpose of a funnel is to guide potential customers through all the landing pages so that this visitor eventually becomes a real customer.

Why do I need a landing page?

A landing page is much more effective in getting people to take action than a regular web page. When you land your visitors on the right landing page at the right time, without all the usual distractions from your main website, you can get people to take actions like: buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, register with your platform, download or order an information product, sign up for an event or any other action you can think of.

Why does it seem so difficult?

Landing pages come in all shapes and sizes. There are magic formulas, a thousand perfect ways to build landing pages and many different techniques to optimize them so they do what they have to do.

Many marketers, designers and developers try to sell their own way of creating landing pages as the only way. People try these ways, often fail to get it working, search on Google how to improve it and try all possible tricks. For those who haven't given up yet, this sometimes results in a great converting landing page.

Until suddenly it doesn't work anymore or they try to replicate it. They have no idea why this happens, because in most cases they haven't documented their changes, haven't kept track of what happened when they made changes or just haven't understood the principles behind all of this.

So, how do I make a good landing page?

Understand the steps a customer goes through in his head

Don't think about how you want to sell it, but find out how your customers want to buy it. If you put yourself in the shoes of your customers, what would you like to know before you take action? Which steps would you take before considering buying this product or service? How would you determine if it suits you and when would you decide to buy it? Answer these questions and you're one step closer to a winning landing page.

Use best practices and good working examples from other companies

You don't have to find out everything yourself and it's never a bad idea to listen to experts. What is important is that you mirror the examples to your own clients and your own situation. Don't just copy everything to your landing pages assuming it works because it works for someone else. Again, think from the point of view of your customers and not from your own perspective. Try to understand why those successful companies have made certain decisions and make it work for you as well.

Make it testable and make sure you measure and track the results.

Just like a successful business, a successful advertising campaign or a successful website, a successful landing page isn't built all at once. Make it testable:

  • Start small and add only the most important features
  • Make it measurable with landing page software or Google Analytics
  • Analyze your landing pages with a fair amount of traffic
  • Add or remove parts and analyze the difference
  • Log all implemented changes and their effects
  • Test different versions of your landing pages

Continue this process, even if your landing pages are doing well! Even the best landing pages and advertising campaigns stop working once because of the constant changes in the online world and marketplace.

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